Amendment 64 and the Law

Dec. 15, 2013

Marijuana continues to be illegal under federal law. Consequently, consumption of marijuana on U.S. Forest Service land, including Vail Mountain and much of the land surrounding Vail, is illegal under federal law. In addition, Vail Mountain does not permit the consumption of marijuana in or on any of its lifts, facilities or premises under its control, which follows Eagle County ordinance 06-01.

What this means for you:

  • Open and public consumption of marijuana at Vail Mountain is not permitted.
  • Use of marijuana on the mountain is considered illegal.

Q & A

What types of spaces are considered ‘public’ where marijuana users are not permitted to smoke?
Consumption of marijuana is considered illegal across resort property, whether as public space under state law or federal property on-mountain. All Vail Mountain indoor space is smoke-free (cigarettes and all smoking devices). All Village or base area outdoor space, walkways, etc is considered public space under Colorado state law.

Why is marijuana use completely illegal on the mountain?
Use of marijuana is illegal on the mountain because Vail Mountain operates on U.S. Forest Service land, which is federal government property. According to current laws, marijuana use is still illegal under federal law.

What else are you doing about this?
We will work with the USFS to enforce the law by way of increased signage and communication. It is not legal to use marijuana publicly, on lifts or on USFS property; therefore, it is not legal on Vail Mountain. We also do not permit the consumption of marijuana in any of our facilities or premises under our control and we will enforce this vigorously.