Anticipating the winter season

Nov. 28, 2014

november in vail
Why do dogs stick their heads out the window of a speeding car? Skiing of course!

Why? We know there is an actual biological reason dogs love to stick their heads out the car window as you fly down the highway, but we know too that they have emotions and loads of personality. So, yes, they love the sensation of speeding, and feeling the wind on their face just like you do when you’re skiing! There is nothing like gliding down our slopes and if more dogs could ski, (not just our lucky few Ski Patrol work dogs,) they absolutely would!!

It is November and here in Vail we just got over three feet of snow last week!! OUR TAILS ARE WAGGING in anticipation! So get yourselves psyched for your trip here; go stand on your living room rug in your skis and boots and picture your first run floating on fresh powder. Go ahead, we know you do it just like us! Go to this year’s Warren Miller movie, shop for new cool looking goggles and a jacket with crazy fun built- in features. Ski season is here !

Our instructors are arriving back in the Vail Valley and we are all so excited to see our ski buddies again! We are just like’ man’s best friend’, bounding up to greet you when you come home. We’re jumping and racing all around so pumped to be here together. We can’t wait to take you up on the mountain with us!

The big dog with his head out the window is carving up the groomed in his dreams, the little Jack Russell running back and forth in the back window of the station wagon is shredding the bumps on Prima, and that big German shepherd in the back of the pick- up truck is our Big mountain cliff jumper!

Time to leave the leash of life at home and come feel the wind in your face and do some bounding around on our hill with us! And when we’re done, find the coziest, warmest spot in the room, curl up with your favorite chew toy and take a heavenly, well deserved rest ! It’s” a Dog’s life” and IT IS GOOD!


Janet Lawrence, of the Vail Ski and Snowboard School, grew up skiing in Upstate New York and came to Vail in 1997. She has been working in the Vail Ski and Snowboard School since, first as an instructor then a Trainer and a  Supervisor in the Golden Peak Children’s School. In the off- season she sails and bikes and works with children at an outdoor day camp.Vail blog Janet Lawrence