Conditions Update

Conditions Update December 12

Dec. 12, 2014

121114_Vail_Northwoods_RicMorenoControPerhaps due to the short days and low angle sunshine–despite above average temperatures–the snow has remained surprisingly soft and smooth.

 Back in 1962, when Vail first opened, members of the Ute tribe performed a snow dance to guarantee a good winter, and it was.

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Conditions Update december 11

Dec. 11, 2014

121014_Vail_BlueSkyfromSiberia_RicMorenoControSiberia Bowl still had quite a few pockets of wind-accumulated powder, and also this view of Blue Sky Basin

This high pressure system will keep conditions dry until the weekend, but the forecast is still confident that a storm should arrive Saturday night to get the holidays started.

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Conditions Update December 10

Dec. 10, 2014

 120514_Vail_SkiPatroler_RicMorenoContro“I dwell in possibility; Of visitors the fairest; For occupation this; The spreading wide my narrow hands; To gather paradise” Emily Dickinson 1884

It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to be skiing in Vail, a few days without snow makes the mountain sigh. But lest we forget, that skiing is more than just sliding down a hill. 

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Conditions Update December 9

Dec. 9, 2014


Spectacular view from the top of Sun Up Bowl Yesterday

Bring out the sunscreen! There will be sunny skies again all day long with a high of 40 degrees. 

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Conditions Update December 8

Dec. 8, 2014


Sunshine peeking through the clouds yesterday morning on Gitalong Road

Here comes the sun! Today there will be sunny skies all day long followed by sun filled skies for the rest of the week through Friday. 

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Conditions Update December 7

Dec. 7, 2014


Blue Sky Basin looking majestic from Timberline Catwalk yesterday

Cloudy skies on the top of the mountain will give way to some sunshine late this morning. Bring out your low light googles due to partly cloudy skies throughout the day. But don’t let a few clouds fool you! Ideal temperatures with a high of 31 degrees make it another great day to get out on the slopes and wrap up the weekend. 

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Conditions Update December 6

Dec. 6, 2014

120514_vail_SteepNdeep8_RicMorenoControBlue Sky Basin is open! 

With Blue Sky Basin open there is no question where you should head this morning.

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