A Quick Lap Through the Golden Peak Terrain Park

Feb. 24, 2014


Vail’s Golden Peak Terrain Park offers features for more advanced snowboarders and skiers.

With the Burton US Open just around the corner, The Terrain Park Crew has been working around the clock to get everything prepared for the event. While there are major changes taking place near the base of Golden Peak, the top half of the park is full of features ranging from basic straight boxes and rails to wall rides, side kinks, and more. We snapped a few photos using a GoPro camera to show the current layout.You can watch the world’s best take on the 22 foot half pipe and giant slopestyle course March 3rd-8th during the Burton US Open.


View of the Golden Peak Terrain Park from Chair 6. You can see a curved up-ramp metal box and several rails in the background.



Looking up towards the top from Chair 6.


Local snowboarder Tommie Bennett hits the medium sized jump line.



Many rail and box lines to choose from in Vail’s Golden Peak Terrain Park


Flat down box near the top of the park.

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