Conditions Update December 10

Dec. 10, 2014

 120514_Vail_SkiPatroler_RicMorenoContro“I dwell in possibility; Of visitors the fairest; For occupation this; The spreading wide my narrow hands; To gather paradise” Emily Dickinson 1884

It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to be skiing in Vail, a few days without snow makes the mountain sigh. But lest we forget, that skiing is more than just sliding down a hill. 

Today is the 184th anniversary of Emily Dickinson’s birth, so what a better way to celebrate it, than dwell in the possibility of a new season, of future snow, friends to be made, family dinners, and of course slopes to be skied. Storms are due to arrive, just not today. Which is fine, because the mountain is open, nearly all of it, the sun will shine like old man winter is chasing it, and the views, the views! If you look hard enough you can see mountain goats in the face of Holy Cross , and across the valley, Utah seems a stones throw away. Pack a lunch, head to Blue Sky Basin, and share a meal with someone–a stranger even–and dwell in possibility, with the best views this side of the Mississippi.