Conditions Update december 11

Dec. 11, 2014

121014_Vail_BlueSkyfromSiberia_RicMorenoControSiberia Bowl still had quite a few pockets of wind-accumulated powder, and also this view of Blue Sky Basin

This high pressure system will keep conditions dry until the weekend, but the forecast is still confident that a storm should arrive Saturday night to get the holidays started. Possibly due to most of the mountain being open and the shortage of storms in the past 7 days, the mountain feels desolate. Mid morning you can still find completely untracked groomed runs, even black diamond runs. Leave it to Vail’s dedicated groomers to take a snowcat up Emperor’s Choice; thats some steep grooming! Today Red Zinger, just to the left, had the same treatment, so a few laps in Teacup Express (#36) seem mandatory before the day is over.

121014_Vail_Emperor'sChoice_RicMorenoControEmperor’s Choice didn’t have a single track by mid-morning