Conditions Update December 12

Dec. 12, 2014

121114_Vail_Northwoods_RicMorenoControPerhaps due to the short days and low angle sunshine–despite above average temperatures–the snow has remained surprisingly soft and smooth.

 Back in 1962, when Vail first opened, members of the Ute tribe performed a snow dance to guarantee a good winter, and it was. As recently as 2012, members of the S. Ute Tribe have been performing their snow dance ceremony in Vail with great results, so with a hesitant storm approaching and expected to arrive Saturday, now is the time to practice your snow dance, and hope this storm delivers the goods, just like it did for scores of generations of Ute tribe members.

Holiday guests are starting to arrive, but if you still want to feel like you have Vail to yourself, take a cue from the boy scout that used his badge-earning skills to survive a night in the woods in what is now Game Creek Bowl, giving one of the most scenic and iconic runs in Vail its name: Lost Boy (which is perfectly groomed this morning.) From this run you can see the whole Vail Valley to the west; one view of this valley and you’ll soon realize why the Ute tribe used to spend summer here!