Conditions Update December 7

Dec. 7, 2014


Blue Sky Basin looking majestic from Timberline Catwalk yesterday

Cloudy skies on the top of the mountain will give way to some sunshine late this morning. Bring out your low light googles due to partly cloudy skies throughout the day. But don’t let a few clouds fool you! Ideal temperatures with a high of 31 degrees make it another great day to get out on the slopes and wrap up the weekend. Make sure you take advantage of the back bowls opening this early in the season by making your way over there by lunch so there is plenty of time to enjoy all the bowls have to offer. Try starting out on Sourdough (#14) for a few warm up runs. Once you are ready, drop into China Bowl and glide down the groomed Poppyfield East, or if you’re feeling more daring try your hand at Dragon’s Teeth. When you’ve made it to the bottom, keep riding that catwalk all the way to Blue Sky, because boy is it worth it! Blue Sky has shown for great conditions since it opened on Friday, and if you keep looking you are bound to find some untouched powder stashes out there. Your best bet is hopping on Pete’s Express (#39). What are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the day!


Sunshine breaking through the clouds at the base of Avanti this morning