EpicMix Racing Announced for 2012-2013 at Vail

Aug. 23, 2012

Announcing the latest addition to the EpicMix platform: EpicMix Racing! Now you can use your RF enabled pass or lift ticket to race against your family and friends, and compare yourself to Vail’s most famous ski racer, Lindsey Vonn!

Vail’s Black Forest race area under Chair 2 has always been a popular place for aspiring racers and those who have never raced a gate course and want to give it a try. In the past, you had to sign up using paper forms, and once you raced, you heard your time and that was it. Now, EpicMix Racing will allow you to race the course using the RF chip on your pass or lift card. You can see your times on your EpicMix account, and choose whether or not you would like to share with family or friends. Earn virtual medals, keep track of your progress, and see how you stack up to Lindsey’s time for the course.

Not only will you be able to share your time, but those now-familiar green suited EpicMix photographers will be there to capture your race, providing photos for you to share.

EpicMix Racing Visual

Learn more about EpicMix Racing at the official page: http://www.epicmix.com/