Mogul Lover’s Guide to Vail

Mar. 21, 2017

By: Heidi Kloser

Spring is here and it is probably my favorite time of the year to get out and ski some bumps. Skiing Vail and the bumps on Vail, is fantastic! Spring skiing is so much fun because one day it is super powdery, and the next day it is slushy. Vail has so much great terrain, that the skiing is fantastic in any condition, especially in the bumps or moguls. I am going to tell you all about the bumps on Vail and an awesome way to spend the whole day ripping up those mogul lines on the mountain.

I like to start the day off with a warm up run on the groomers to make sure I am warmed up and ready before I jump into a day full of mogul skiing. I like to do a few short swing turns on the flats to get ready for the quick movements and edge changes of the moguls.

An epic day of moguls on Vail would look something like this for me:


  • Take Gondola 1 to Chair #4
  • First run on Cappuccino to get the blood flowing
  • Head up Chair #4
  • Take a fun easy run down a mellow bump run on Whistle Pig where there are usually a lot of good zipper lines
  • Take Chair #3
  • Hit up Kangaroo Cornice, cross under the chair to Lower Kangaroo and then cut over to Look Ma
  • Take Chair #3 again
  • Traverse over to Rickey’s Ridge in the back bowls
  • Take Chair #5
  • Milt’s Face or Cows Face are usually really fun smaller bumps
  • Take Chair #5 again
  • Head over to Prima –Pronto (don’t go all the way down Prima or you will miss Pronto)
  • Take Chair #11
  • Ski down Zot

It sounds like a good time for lunch; one of my favorite places to eat on Vail is at the 10th, if that sounds like too big of a meal, head over to Midvail.

  • Take Chair #3 and drop in Game Creek bowl
  • Ski down Showboat for some small moguls or an after lunch groomer, depending on if it was groomed that day or not
  • Take Chair #7
  • Hit up Wild Card for some bigger bumps and to show off your mogul skills to the people on the chair lift
  • Head back up Chair #7
  • Go over to Morning Side Ridge
  • Take Chair #5
  • Ski Morning Thunder and Marmot Valley over to Blue Sky Basin
  • Take Chair #37
  • Ski down Encore
  • Take Chair #36
  • Cruise down Whiskey Jack
  • To Chair #14
  • Head over to Highline to finish the day off with my favorite bump run on Vail

After an awesome day of mogul skiing on Vail, venture into Vail Village, it has a lot of really fun things to offer from ice-skating to après-skiing. Or maybe just go explore the Village and it’s world famous shopping!­