Earlier Openings, Longer Season, and Enhanced Guest Experience for the 2019-2020 Winter Season

Jun. 3, 2019

Breck open this Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9, for final weekend of 2018-2019 ski and snowboard season

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – June 3, 2019 – Vail Mountain, Beaver Creek Resort, Breckenridge Ski Resort, Keystone Resort and Crested Butte Mountain Resort will soon be abuzz with summer visitors. While guests mountain bike, hike, golf, and explore Epic Discovery’s on-mountain experiences, each resort’s mountain operations teams will be hard at work preparing for the 2019-20 ski and snowboard season. Vail Resorts’ significant capital investments at each resort will lead to resorts opening earlier and with more terrain, providing Epic Pass holders and all skiers and snowboarders in Colorado with one of the longest ski and snowboard seasons in the country.

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Memorial Day in Vail- Things to Do, Places to See.

May. 9, 2019
A father and son enjoy the Village in Vail, CO.

Spending the holiday in the mountains, but not exactly sure how to kick off the start to Summer? We have put together a list of activities for you to explore, to ensure a fun getaway!

Dining at Altitudes Restaurant Week

Participating restaurants spanning across two neighboring World Class Mountain Resorts, Vail and Beaver Creek, this culinary celebration takes dining to new heights, literally! The event will run from May 26-June 2 and will feature a wide variety of prix fixe menus and specials all starting at $20.19 and all showcasing the incredible and diverse culinary offerings available throughout the Vail and Beaver Creek Villages.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens always has their Summer Calendar filled with fun events, tours and special Events. This Memorial Day, enjoy a guided tour through the Gardens. The tour begins at the Education Center and ends at the Schoolhouse Gift Shop. No advance registration required.

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Wrapping up a Legendary Season: Top Moments of Winter 2018-19

Apr. 9, 2019

The snow is getting softer, the days longer and you can smell spring in the air. We aren’t letting go of the momentous snow year quite yet, and to help us #FinishStrong we’d like to look back on a few of your favorite moments of our favorite season.


Video By Deadline Motion Works and Andrew Taylor
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Vail Mountain to Host Three Interdenominational Easter Sunday Services

Apr. 9, 2019
Views of Holy Cross from Vail Mountain, Colorado.

April 9, 2019 

Vail Mountain will host its annual interdenominational sunrise service on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 6 a.m. inside at Eagle’s Nest. The Eagle Bahn Gondola will open to the public at 5:30 a.m. to transport guests from Lionshead. Complimentary baked goods and beverages will be provided for attendees. In addition, there will be two afternoon Easter services outside at Eagle’s Nest, which are scheduled for 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. at Simonton Deck (also known as the Holy Cross observation deck).

For those planning to attend the Easter sunrise service, the Town of Vail will be offering free parking for vehicles that enter the Lionshead parking structure after 5 a.m. and depart prior to 10 a.m. Upon departure, attendees should inform the parking booth attendants they were at the service.

For the sunrise service, the gondola ride is complimentary and guests are not permitted to bring skis or snowboards. Following the service, guests will be asked to download the gondola. Guests will need a lift ticket or scenic ride ticket for the 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. service.

For more information about Vail Mountain, call the Mountain Information Center at (970) SKI-VAIL (754-8245) or visit www.vail.com.

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After all- My desk is “ski- in,ski-out”.

Apr. 7, 2019

Could this be Legal??
This is Colorado….I have a job, with a company, Vail Resorts, that has worked diligently to identify and live by its 6 Core Values and one of them is …(wait for it..) “Have Fun”! I don’t know of any other job where you are evaluated on having fun!! Now there are some very reasonable, logical parameters to this but still.

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Pink Vail 2019 – Every Cancer, Every Color

Feb. 19, 2019

On March 16, Vail Mountain will host Pink Vail, the world’s biggest ski day to conquer cancer. This all-day event features live music, deck parties, costume contest, kid’s activities and more. 100% of Pink Vail donations and registration fees benefit all patients at Shaw Cancer Center through enhancements to patient care and patient programming. All Shaw patients, whether male or female, no matter their cancer diagnosis, have the opportunity to benefit from Pink Vail funds throughout their cancer treatment experience and beyond.
Pink Vail has raised more than $4 million since its inception in 2012 for patient care and programming including three new patient focused positions: Patient Resource Navigator, Nutritionist and Licensed Professional Counselor. The roles have changed the lives of the employees and the patients they serve. Here are a couple of their stories.

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Making “a turn for the worse?”

Feb. 11, 2019

Making “a turn for the worse?”

Does your first run for the day feel wobbly, like your first run for the season, or worse like your first run ever? I heard a couple guys on the chair say that recently and it got me thinking about my own turns and how I could make a “turn for the better” even on my first run.
For the first half of my life I skied in the northeast where the surface was often……….more firm. In those days and on those conditions we skied all-in on our downhill foot. If there was a way to magically remove my uphill ski on every turn I would still be a very happy skier. But there is such a thing as “getting off on the wrong foot”.
Now I know I want to get off on the right foot, which could be the left foot, just not the foot I’ve always started with. We all want to put our”best foot forward”, right? Got it now? I’ve learned that while I want to ski simultaneously with both feet, I do that better if I start with my uphill ski. Crazy I know, but it’s true.
I have three ways to think about making any of this happen. One works best for me, but you never know which might work best for you.

1) If I start my turn thinking about tipping my uphill ski uphill and putting my pinky toe- the outside-uphill edge of the uphill ski, into the snow.
2) If while tipping that uphill ski uphill, I picture pulling that knee uphill
3) …and this one you can practice anytime you want..I think about the motion I would make to get my uphill hip onto an imaginary bar stool.

All three of these movements get me to engage that uphill ski and with even a little bit of pressure/or weight, this helps make me tip and engage that downhill ski as well. I need to take care that I’m not just leaning my whole body uphill. If I did that everything would slip away like sliding in to home plate, and in this case that wouldn’t be “safe.” All this uphill action happens from the hips down, or more accurately, from my feet up to my hips. My upper body still needs be focused on charging down the hill.
When I am successful in engaging both skis in the start of my turn I edge my ski better and am in a better position to steer both skis. I don’t get into that awkward situation in cut-up snow where one ski feels like it wants to take its own path away from the other, ”the road less traveled.” Skiing on both skis, (what a concept), is better for my accuracy, it makes for better balance, is safer and easier. Who knew?
Sometimes that first run feels like it’s an “uphill battle” but when you get it right, “it’s all downhill from here.” If someone watches my run and says, “Man, she’s going downhill fast”, I’ll take it as a compliment. We all want to be “headed in the right direction” and after all, in life and skiing…”It is a slippery slope!”


Author: Janet Lawrence, of the Vail Ski and Snowboard School. Janet grew up skiing in Upstate New York and came to Vail in 1997. She has been working in the Vail Ski and Snowboard School since, first as an instructor then a Trainer and a  Supervisor in the Golden Peak Children’s School. In the off- season she sails and bikes and works with children at an outdoor day camp

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