Top 10 Photos of the 2015-2016 Season

May. 16, 2016

While the temperatures are warming and the flowers are starting to bloom, as always our hearts and thoughts are in winter. Relive our unforgettable 2015-2016 season one more time and explore our Top 10 Photos of the Season and the talented photographers that captured them.


Preparing for Opening Day. Photo by Andrew Taylor.

“The best part about working for Vail is watching the mountain come to life during the pre-season. This was the day before Opening Day and ski patrol was kind enough to let me tag along as they made their final preparations. I was amazed with the amount of coverage we had. During my 8 years in Vail I’ve never seen so much snow this early in the year. We kicked off the season with over 1,100 acres of skiable terrain and Opening Day 2015 was one for the books!”


The  Chris Robinson Brotherhood performs at Spring Back to Vail. Photo by Dylan Langille.

Shaun White returns to the Burton US Open and dominates the competition. Photo by Tom Cohen.

“Action photographers bear witness to the mental and physical strength of human beings on a daily basis. Although the boundaries of progression in sport are seemingly limitless, true visual stopping power occurs when viewers can physically see the impact these athletes can have on an unsuspecting audience. It is true that event photography has become a driving force in media campaigns among the online community. Images are taken and posted immediately to be liked, shared, and ultimately forgotten within a few days. Those moments that truly resonate, however, are those that radiate the emotion of those in attendance. This, to me, solidifies the event as something tangible, and separates the image from the rest of the action pack. For visual proof, look no further than an image of Shaun White soaring effortlessly over a crowd of potential young shredders.”


Local rider Windham Miller gets first tracks in Sun Down Bowl. Photo by Daniel Milchev. 

“This is what you will probably find if you look up the definition of ‘a perfect day on the mountain’. Bluebird powder day, amazing scenery, powder slash, Vail’s back bowls.  And this is what sums up this shot.”


Patrol Dog Rocky getting hyped for Opening Day. Photo by Andrew Taylor.

“Shooting with Vail’s Avalanche Rescue Dogs is always a good time. After an unseasonably warm fall, Mother Nature quickly changed gears. On this day we had over a foot of snow. I rode up with Ski Patrol in a truck and captured this photo of Rocky near the top of Chair 4. I love this shot because Rocky is literally swimming in powder and while he looks quite menacing, he is actually very gentle.”

The New Year’s Eve torchlight ski down. Photo by Brendan Caffrey.

The Back Bowls and the Gore Range. Photo by Stephen Shelesky


Frosty trees. Photo by Connor Walberg.

“It had snowed a lot over the days before this picture was taken and the trees were coated with a perfect frost.  As I was pushing along the top of sundown bowl I looked back and noticed that light was perfectly illuminating one stand of snowy trees while a cloud darkened the forest in the background.  These are the moments I look for as a photographer, where the light is playing in a way that is truly unique.  I wasn’t planning on shooting in this direction at all, but I had to stop when I saw how spectacular the view was.”


Lone skier and tree. Photo by Brendan Caffrey.

“It was a Saturday and 9″ had been reported overnight – it felt like MUCH more than that! We were heading up Chair 5 after an exhausting day when we realized there was simply nobody on the slopes anywhere under the chair. I looked back across Sun Down Bowl towards Widgets and Seldom and there was one, lone skier working his way down the slope. The stillness was almost eerie.”


Opening Day, November 20, 2015. Photo by Daniel Milchev.

“The best opening day I have ever experienced. Getting buried in bottomless powder. This is pretty much why we all live here, and why Vail stays in the hearts of so many people.”

HONORABLE MENTION: For the photo most liked by Vail Mountain followers.

Merry Christmas from Vail Village. Photo by Brendan Caffrey.

“It was Christmas week and I was simply trying to capture the holiday ambiance of the Vail Village with all the fresh snow we had received. It had been consistently snowing for about a week straight and I was able to time a village shoot in the lull between storms. It began dumping again just after this was taken.”

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