Top 10 Photos of the 2016-17 Season

Apr. 25, 2017

While the temperatures are warming and the flowers are starting to bloom, as always our hearts and thoughts are in winter. Relive our unforgettable 2016-2017 season one more time and explore our Top 10 Photos of the Season and the talented photographers that captured them.


Frosty Morning in a Vail Aspen Grove. Photo by David Neff.

“This was one of the coldest mornings of the season. There’s just something about the cold morning air and the way it affects the light and crystallizes the snow.  It’s hard to explain, but when the sun comes out, it is a photographers dream.” David Neff


Grooming Northwoods under the stars. Photo by Ray Dixon. 


Skiing below Mount of the Holy Cross (14,005 ft.) . Photo by David Neff.

“Mount of the Holy Cross is one of the most iconic peaks in Colorado, sitting just above 14,000 feet. Also featured is a view of its neighbor Notch Mountain, and its namesake.” David Neff


Ski Patrol opening new terrain in the Back Bowls. Photo by Todd Harper. 

“On the morning I took that photo, the people pictured were all new and had just recently been accepted into the Vail Ski Patrol program. In this shot, I captured them heading out on one of their first assignments, learning the routes. The routes are preset pathways to areas that need to be routinely checked. Ski Patrol does this for the safety of our guests as well as our employees.  It is a vitally important part of our mountain operations.” Todd Harper


A view of  Chair #3 and the towering Gore Range. Photo by David Neff.

“I’m always looking for new perspectives when I am out shooting. The Gore Range is absolutely magnificent, and I was able to capture this one from Ptarmigan Ridge with a telephoto lens which compresses the image and amplifies the scale of the mountains.” David Neff


The New Year’s Eve celebration in Vail. Photo by Brendan Caffrey.

“There’s nothing like ringing in the new year with a nice little snowshoe hike that culminates in a beautiful fireworks display. And maybe some celebratory boxed wine…” Brendan Caffrey


Chris “Mongo” Reeder of Vail Ski Patrol at Work. Photo by David Neff.

“This photo was taken the day Lindsey Vonn came to visit our Ski Patrol crew.  This actually turned out to be my favorite photo from the day, it tells the story of a hardworking guy dedicating himself to a mostly thankless job.” David Neff


Colorful sunrise over the Gore Range. Photo by Brendan Caffrey.

“Despite not being a morning person, I try to get up the mountain for sunrise a few times a month because it’s just a special time to be on the mountain. This was shot on a pretty clear morning, but I was lucky to have just enough clouds behind the Gore Range for a colorful start to the day.” Brendan Caffrey


Local  skier Chris Ewart enjoying an early December powder day. Photo by David Neff.

“This shot was taken on the day Northwoods opened this season. It was a beautiful morning and Chris laid down a picture perfect turn right in front of the sun, creating the rainbow like effect you see in this photo.” David Neff


Corduroy under the morning sun. Photo by David Neff.

“The word photography in Greek literally means ‘to draw with light’ and there’s no better canvas than freshly groomed snow under the rising sun.” David Neff


HONORABLE MENTION: For the photo most liked by Vail Mountain followers.

First Powder day of the season. Photo by Andrew Taylor.

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