Top 10 Photos of the 2017-18 Season

Apr. 14, 2018

While the temperatures are warming and the flowers are starting to bloom, as always our hearts and thoughts are in winter. Relive our unforgettable 2017-2018 season one more time and explore our Top 10 Photos of the Season and the talented photographers that captured them.


Avalanche Rescue Dog Rocky. Photo by David Neff.

“This photo was taken on one of the days of our Junior Ski Patrol Program. Flight for Life Colorado was gracious enough to fly in and show the kids their helicopter and how they go about their rescue missions. When the dogs see the helicopter, they think it is time to go to work. Here is Rocky posing majestically after realizing that it was only a drill. ” David Neff


Grooming Northwoods under the stars. Photo by Jon Resnick. 


Lionshead Ski School Yard. Photo by David Neff. 

“I loved the perspective here of the towering Gore Range and the ski school kids. There were a few other photos in this set of the instructor helping a few kids get up who had fallen. It made me appreciate ski instructors for what they do every day and reminisce about my first few times skiing in Pennsylvania.” David Neff


Mt. of the Holy Cross Sunrise. Photo by David Neff. 

“Sunrise in the mountains is always a spectacle. I’ve been fortunate to see many sunrises over Mt. of the Holy Cross, which often has those low hanging clouds and pink sky pictured here. From the summit of the 14er you can see the sprawling back bowls of Vail. It really puts the scale into perspective.” David Neff


Morning Corduroy . Photo by David Neff. 

“They call it Sun Up Bowl for a reason! This is an often photographed spot on Vail Mountain. I got low and focused on the fresh grooming.” David Neff


Fresh Snow on the Gore Range. Photo by Joey Reuteman.

“The image was captured at from Mid-Vail after my first gondola ride that morning. It had snowed the night prior so and the skies cleared to create this incredible scene with snow-covered trees covering the mountain side and providing a beautiful foreground while looking out to the peaks of the Gore Range. When I think of Vail these are the moments I think of. The ones that force you to stop and take in the overwhelming beauty that is right in front of you..” Joey Reuteman


China Bowl Tracks. Photo by David Neff.

“This was one of my favorite days of the season. It had snowed 6 inches or so overnight and then around 9am the clouds lifted. I love showing the perspective of a single person enjoying the vastness of Vail Mountain.” David Neff


Powder day on Ptarmigan Ridge. Photo by Daniel Milchev.

“Gray skies are not ideal for scenic ski photos. All you can do on a gray day is hope that the skies open up, and light shines through.  Most of the time it doesn’t happen, but sometimes you get lucky.  It took some patience for all the elements to line up, and this is how we got this shot.” Daniel Milchev


She’s Not Sleeping, She’s Meditating. Photo by David Neff. 

“I was walking around in the village on this day to take some photos of snow falling, and happened to run into my friend and his 6 month old golden retriever puppy. As soon as I took this photo, I knew it had social media gold written all over it. Puppy, snow, Vail, what more could you want?” David Neff


Supermoon Sunset. Photo by Scott Cramer.

“On New Years Eve, knowing that the moon would rise about 45 minutes before sunset the day before the full moon I loaded up my ski pack with camera, long lens, tripod, warm layers and some hot tea. I skinned to the top of Ptarmigan ridge where I knew there were good commanding views of the mountain in all directions, especially to the east where the moon would be coming up. I arrived about an hour before sunset and proceeded to capture some pretty nice sunset photos but there were plenty of clouds hampering any good light right as the sun hit the horizon.  I felt discouraged and that I had wasted my time, then, just near sunset the clouds finally began to clear to the west and warm light lit up the higher elevation clouds with warm tones just as the moon was coming up over the Gore Range. Just as I was hoping for! I frantically captured only a few frames before the color disappeared again.” Scott Cramer

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know and add your own best captures in the comment section below!