Vail Conditions Update Dec 29 – Jan 4

Jan. 4, 2014

Vail Forever Meghan Gruszynski

Fresh track on Sun Down Bowl’s Forever run.

Saturday, January 4th. The snow is here! It’s a powder day.

Soft snow is falling this morning, coating the mountain. A great day to wake up early, catch first chair, and forge your own trail through the powder in Vail’s boundless bowls.

As of 5am, Vail received one inch of snow. Do not let that deceive you though, it has been snowing since that last report, so it will feel like quite a bit more of snow when you’re up skiing in it. Wind gusts today are expected to reach 25 mph. These gusts will play a factor in where the fluff will accumulate. Find refuge in the quiet trees on the front or backside of the mountain. Blue Sky Basin is known for glades, so head there early in the morning. As you make your way back to the frontside, enjoy Ben’s Face and the pines along it.

Vail Ramshorn Meghan Gruszynski

Piles of powder in the frontside trees off of Ramshorn.

Be prepared to dress warm for a full day on the mountain. Temperatures to reach a high around 20 degrees and will drop heavily in the mid-afternoon. Snow showers continue this morning and are expected to recede as the afternoon settles in. Enjoy the fresh powder.

Vail Simba Meghan Gruszynski

Morning carves on Bwana above Pride Express (#26).

Friday, January 3rd. Soft groomers on the mountain with the prospect of afternoon snowfall.

Vail Eagle Bahn Meghan Gruszynski

The Eagle Bahn Gondola whisks skiers to the mountain top.

After this week’s powder, settle in today to enjoy some velvety turns on soft corduroy off of Avanti Express Lift (#2) or Pride Express (#26). Simba, Safari, and Lodgepole have all been groomed for wide, lengthy turns. After cruising the top of the mountain, make your way down towards the Bwana Terrain park to hit up some newly added features just above Lionshead Village.

More snow has been forecasted for this afternoon/evening and into tomorrow, which could mean a powder day on Saturday. Highs today will reach 39 degrees with light winds. The sun may pop out this morning, however the clouds will roll in with the winter storm this afternoon.

Vail Ouzo Meghan Gruszynski

Powder remains in Ouzo Glades of Game Creek Bowl.

Thursday, January 2nd. Leftover powder stashes make for smooth turns.

After a warm welcome to the New Year with yesterday’s big snowfall, the second day of the year is still filled with powder. Today, skiers will experience soft turns with groomed powder mixed with fresh pockets of snow in less skied areas. The dry weather created pure perfection of light and airy snow, ideal for the Back Bowls or open glades.

Explore new terrain today and you will not regret it. If you have not yet carved turns in the trees of Game Creek, make that a priority today. In this Bowl you will find a mixture of open glades, moguls, and corduroy, something for everyone’s palette. As you make your way back to the front at the end of the day, count on Avanti and Lodgepole to provide a comfortable cruise over groomed rollers.


Rolling, groomed Meadows overlooking Mid-Vail.

Today’s weather will reach a high of 32 degrees with light winds from 5-10 mph. Cloudy this morning with sun glimmering through the clouds this afternoon. Layer up for warmth today and enjoy the buttery snow.


Mountain Express Lift (#4) around 8:15am January 1st, 2014. 

Update 9:45am, January 1st, 2014. Several inches of new snow have fallen since the 5am snow report of 4″. It’s snowing pretty hard in the mountain, the only caveat to this storm is the wind. A lot of snow has been moved around so be prepared to take a turn in shin-deep snow and the next one over a patch of packed snow. It’s windy and its snowing. Alot. Is there a better way to start 2014?

Ultimas noticias, 1ero de enero, 2014. Varios centímetros de nieve han caído desde el reporte de la mañana. Solo un aviso, el viento ha estado moviendo la nieve así que hay que estar preparado para esquiar nieve en diferentes condiciones;desde nieve en polvo hasta las rodillas hasta hielo. Hay viento y esta nevando. Mucho ¿Hay mejor forma de empezar el 2014?

January 1st, 2014. Powder Day!! 4 inches of snow were reported by Ski Patrol this morning at 5am with 3″ falling overnight. But with the amount of fat snowflakes falling, we should have doubled that by the time lifts start running. Perfect way to start the New Year, happy 2014!

1ero de enero, 2014. 8 centimetros de nieve cayeron ayer por la noche, pero con la cantidad de copos que estan cayendo, facil podria ser el doble para cuando las sillas empiezen a funcionar hoy por la mañana ¡Excelente forma de empezar el Año Nuevo!¡Feliz 2014!


Eagle’s Nest around 8:30am this morning

Update 10:00am, December 31st, 2013. Blowing snow is hitting the highest areas of the mountain, while anything below the clouds is getting snowflakes intermittently. Not much sunlight today and wind gusts are prevalent so dress warm and take your low light goggles. If it keeps on snowing like this, the last few runs of the day, and year, should be stellar. Happy New Year!

Ultimas noticias 10:00am, 31 de diciembre, 2013. Nieve y viento estan pegando a las partes altas de la montaña, mientras que todas las pistas que estan debajo de las nubes estan recibiendo copos de nieve intermitentemente. No va a ver mucho sol hoy y el viento va estar presente, por lo que es recomendable salir bien abrigado y con goggles para luz baja. Si la nieve sigue asi, las ultimas vueltas del dia, y el año, deben estar espectaculares ¡Feliz Año!


Henry’s Hut and Holy Cross Mt. yesterday morning

December 31st, 2013. There’s snow in ’em hills, SNOW! The first snowflakes are starting to fall at the base, and the upper mountain is already cover in clouds. The forecast calls for snow throughout the day, so very likely the last few hours of skiing in 2013 will be done in powder! A good recommendation for today–to get the most out of the the fresh snow–is to start late and stay until closing (3:30pm), when runs will be nearly empty and snow will have accumulated. Happy New Year!

Diciembre 31, 2013. Hay nieve en los cerros ¡NIEVE! Los primeros copos de nieve están empezando a caer, y las partes altas de la montaña están cubiertas de nubes. El pronostico del tiempo indica que se espera nieve durante todo el transcurso del día, así que lo mas seguro es que las últimas horas de esquí de este año se practiquen bajo nieve en polvo. Una buena recomendación para hoy–para sacarle provecho al día–es empezar tarde y quedarse hasta que cierren (3:30pm), cuando las pistas estarán casi vacías y la nieve en polvo se haya acumulado ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!


Upper Riva Ridge, around 8:30 am this morning

December 30th, 2013. If you’ve never skied Vail from top to bottom in one single run, today is the day to do it. Upper and Lower Riva Ridge were just groomed, and if you’re lucky to be in the mountain early, you should head there to have the most fun possible doing long G-turns without a skinsuit. If you get here late, head to China Bowl where Poppyfields, East and West, were also groomed.

Diciembre 30, 2013. Si nunca has esquiado Vail desde la cima hasta la base en una sola pista, hoy es el dia para hacerlo. Lower y Upper Riva Ridge recién fueron peinadas, si tienes suerte y estas aqui temprano en la mañana tienes que recorrer esta famosa pista de Vail con espectaculares vistas. Si llegas tarde y buscas pistas recién peinadas, date una vuelta por China Bowl, donde Poppyfields Este y Oeste fueron peinadas por la noche también.


Soft turns at the top of Sleepy Time Road this morning

Update 9:45am December 29th, 2013. Wind-loaded corners are skiing deeper than 2″. And everywhere else, the new snow gave the mountain a nice coat to keep things from icing up. No winds at all early this morning, and the last few clouds should dissipate before the morning ends.

Ultimas Noticias 9:45am 29 de diciembre, 2013. Regiones donde el viento acumulo la nieve están esquiando mas profundo que los 5cm reportados esta mañana. En el resto de la montaña, la nieve recién caída le dio una nueva capa a las pistas evitando que se pongan hielosas. A la hora de este reporte no habia vientos en la montaña y las últimas nubes habrán de disiparse antes de que llegue el medio dia.


Sunrise over Vail Village, December 29th 2013

December 29th, 2013. 2 inches of snow fell overnight, enough to freshen up the slopes, and with the sun peeking out, looks like it will be a nice blue bird day. Temperature wise, it should be on the cold side with highs expected to be in the teens, but winds on the other hand won’t be a major factor today (full snow and weather report here).

29 de diciembre, 2013. 5 centímetros de nieve cayeron ayer por la noche, suficiente para refrescar las pistas, y con el sol empezando a asomarse, parece que sera un dia soleado. Las temperaturas estarán bajas con máximas de tan solo -8 grados centígrados, aunque el viento no se espera que sea un factor hoy. (para ver el reporte de nieve y el pronostico de nieve da click aqui)