Vail Conditions Update Jan 13 – Jan 18

Jan. 18, 2014

Vail Avanti Meghan Gruszynski

Scenic views of the Gore Range on the groomed Avanti Run.

January 18th, 2014. Bluebird day with enjoyable temperatures.

Another magnificent day on the mountain. The weather is cooperating for the weekend, temperatures to reach a high around 37 degrees with a very slight west wind today. The morning will start out a bit cool, so layer up for the changing temperatures. Not a cloud in the sky which will make for a great lunch break at any of the outdoor dining decks.

Vail Wildwood Meghan Gruszynski

The sun is shining on the Wildwood Smokehouse Deck, perched at 11,000 feet.

Avanti, Lodgepole, and Berries, all on the frontside, are groomed to perfection. Enjoy rollers and slight bends as you carve big casual turns on these runs.

The increase in temperature will affect the snow and how you ski it. As the sun and temperatures rise, snow will soften up,making it easy to carve on those velvet groomers. Snow will feel a bit heavy in trees and leftover powder pockets, anticipate slightly more work for those fresh turns.


Tin Pants run accessible from Highline Express Lift(#10) overlooks Northwoods.

January 17th, 2104. Welcoming in the long holiday weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures.

Magnificent weather is center stage for this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. With most of the terrain deeply covered from the New Year’s powder, the best compliment to the snow will be the almost balmy temperatures slated for today. The highs are to reach around the mid-30’s with no clouds in sight.  A slight west wind of 5 mph, makes for excellent conditions even on the high peaks.

Vail Sourdough Meghan Gruszynski

The sun rises as the Sourdough Express Lift (#14) whisks skiers up to the Back Bowls.

With the comfortable weather, go explore more of the mountain today. If you rarely catch Pete’s Express Lift (#39), enjoy Grand Review or the open space of Resolution.  Off of the Highline Express Lift (#10) lift you will find your own slice of heaven with a mixture of terrain and simple access from the Golden Peak base.  If you enjoy moguls, find your rhythm on Highline run. Set long, wide turns on Blue Ox and enjoy the cruise.

Vail_swingsville_meghangruszynskiBluebird day with flakes blanketing the trees along Swingsville.

January 16th, 2014. Sunshine and soft snow make for an exceptional day on the mountain.

Today is a great contrast to the past week of snowstorms covering the sky, as we welcome back the sun. Highs around 27 degrees, clear skies and a slight wind. The sun will not only warm you up while skiing, it will keep the 2014 snow fresh and soft for easy turn.


Northwoods Express Lift(#11) provides glorious views looking over powdery trees to the Gore Range.

With the bowls re-opening yesterday after avalanche control, expect powder pockets on the backside of the mountain. As always, you can count on the trees to be untouched, particularly during the weekday. Areas off of Northwoods Express Lift (#11) offer lines through trees along with nice cruiser groomed runs, so be sure to investigate the Northwoods area today.

All in all, a remarkable day to stretch out the legs and enjoy the fresh mountain air.


January 15th, Sun Up Bowl

Update 10:35am, January 15th, 2014. The sun has come out, there are no winds, and there’s snow everywhere. Blue Sky Basin will open today after avalanche control, offering spectacular conditions. Temperatures are quite nice too, providing one of the most enjoyable and scenic days we’ve had in a while.

DCIM104GOPROWindy, cold, and very snowy; January has been great!

January 15th, 2014. Today we finally get a break in the weather and the sun will come out. 3″ in the past 24hrs  (37″ in the past 7 days) and the closure of most back bowls and Blue Sky Basin early yesterday means that today will be a blue-bird powder day!

High winds yesterday closed several lifts before 1pm, so today all that accumulating powder will be untracked in places like China Bowl and Siberia Bowl , and with temperatures rising, maybe even above freezing for the first time in days, today is bound to be a memorable day to ski the tail-end of the Great Snow Storm of January ’14!

DCIM103GOPROPrime conditions yesterday

January 14th, 2014. Snow and more snow. Today Vail is under a Winter Weather Advisory dut to a storm that could drop as much as 7″ of snow. After receiving 13″ in the past 48hrs this latest storm will be nothing short of a routine in this wintery January Vail has been enjoying. Blue Ox on Highline (#10) lift was just groomed last night– one of the longest black diamond runs in the state to get groomed regularly–so if visibility is low, it’s a bad kept secret that this lifts hardly sees any crowds and its protected from high winds, making it ideal for days like this. After a couple of laps in Blue Ox you’ll realize, that powder snow on top of a groomed run, is just, decadent for lack of better of word. Enjoy!

DCIM104GOPROThat kind of day, faceshots all morning long

Update, January 13th, 11:00am 2014. Once in a season conditions, for the 4th day in a row! If the snow was any lighter it’d be only air, and if it was any deeper, snorkels would be necessary.

DCIM102GOPROBorn Free, January 12th 

January 13th, 2014. This is starting to turn into a routine; what a month January has been! 9″ in the past 24hrs (and currently snowing at 7:00am), and 32″ in the past 7 days. With several lifts closing yesterday due to inclement weather, today is bound to be a spectacular powder day, with untracked snow everywhere, but particularly in Blue Sky Basin and other hard to reach corners of Vail. Short hikes, like the one in Ptarmigan Ridge at the top of Sun Down Bowl, will surely be rewarded with deep untracked turns, try doing this hike today and you’ll be greeted at the top with scenic views and open bowls after only a 10-15 min hike. To get there, go to the top of Game Cree Express (#7), follow the catwalk, but stay on the ridge until it starts going uphill. Take your skis/board off, and follow the catwalk up the mellow climb until you can’t go any higher (about 100 yards). Once you reach the summit, you’ll have a choice of dropping the cornice in Ptarmigan ridge, or following the bowl skier’s right to runs like Seldom and Never, and down into High Noon Express Lift (#5). Have fun today, and enjoy–yet another–powder day!