Vail Conditions Update Jan 26 – Feb 1

Feb. 1, 2014

Vail Chair 4 Meghan Gruszynski


The snow clouds part for a glimpse of sun on Mountain Top Express Lift (#4).

February 1st, 2014. The snow keeps falling, adding to the six inches overnight!

Just when your legs were getting tired from all the deep powder over the past two days, mother nature goes right ahead and keeps the fluff coming. Predicted one to three inches today and with the six inches from last night, there is plenty of powder for all this Saturday. This last storm has covered the mountain in white unlike anything most have seen over just a short period of time. If you have not yet witnessed the effects of this storm under your skis, today is your day to enjoy.


Find your own pockets of powder today whether in the trees or the Back Bowls.

Another day where you can’t go wrong with where you ski, as long as you’re up there. Since it is Saturday, don’t forget about Highline Express Lift (#10) as well as Avanti Express (#2) in the afternoon. Generally try to start in the Back Bowls and work your way to frontside in the afternoon, you will see less people and enjoy the broad scope of terrain.

Bundle up, the temperature has dropped to a high of eighteen degrees. Cloud cover this morning with the sun possibly showing through this afternoon. Enjoy the powder that welcomes in the first of the new month.

Vail Sundown Meghangruszynski

Powder shots all morning in Sun Down Bowl.

January 31, 2014. Another powder day! Turn off the snooze button and wake up, time for first chair.

Vail Sundown Meghangruszynski

Knee to waist deep in the Back Bowls.

Two consecutive days of powder! If you skied yesterday, you experienced the thrill of Vail powder. Well, forget about yesterday for now and focus on today, it will be even better. 21 inches of new snow since 5am yesterday with 8 inches overnight. This is the most snow over a 24 hour period that we have seen in a long time and we’ve got the deepness to prove it up there.

Vail Chair5 Meghangruszynski

Show off those buttery carves just under High Noon Express Lift (#5).

Today, every run is the “run of the day.” Just get out and just enjoy the fluff with a smile on your face while being submersed in fresh snow. Here is a great visual of just how much powder we received over the last 24 hours, click the Blue Sky Snow Stake web came here, it’s delightful to watch.

Vail Midvail meghangruszynski

Twenty-one inches overnight makes for a great ending to the work week.

The weather is cooperating today. Light winds, highs in the mid-twenties, and storm clouds with high potential for more snow during the day. Today is what dreams are made of.



Fluffy powder and fresh tracks on Northwoods.

January 30th, 2014. Powder day! Fresh snow overnight and it keeps on falling.

Rise and shine, it’s a powder day here at Vail. This morning the 5am snow report had five inches, however, the snow just keeps on coming, likely much more in the Back Bowls by now. Snow is expected not only through today but into Friday morning. If this rings true, we will have fresh tracks filled in with fresh snow, allowing for more fresh tracks. It does not get much better than this.


With this much snow the quest for powder is over, stay on the frontside or head to the Back Bowls.

An added bonus to the fresh powder, the temperatures have increased to a high of around 30 degrees today. Be sure to dress properly, it’s going to be a warm one at the bottom of High Noon Express Lift (#5) after all of those deep turns you made.

To track the snowfall through the day, check the Blue Sky Basin snow stake on our live webcam here. It should be an interesting day to keep an eye on it.


Turns like butter on Gandy Dancer this morning.

January 29th, 2014. The clouds are rolling in and the wind is picking up, first signs of this week’s winter snow storm are here. 

Highly likely the mountain will see some new snow today. Whether it begins before or after the lifts close, is still undetermined. The big powder days are predicted for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Although we haven’t yet seen the capabilities of this weather system, plan your week accordingly as to not miss out on any fresh tracks.


A few snowflakes spotted in Northwoods as the clouds move in.

Dress warm today, highs to reach 30 degrees with gusts of winds reaching 40 mph. Cloud cover through the day with zero sunlight, switch those goggles to high visibility lenses. On flat light and low visibility days like today, stick to more narrow runs so the trees can guide you down the mountain.

The Northwoods Express Lift (#11) is tucked back into the trees and accesses plenty of fun, rolling groomers. Today, Gandy Dancer, Northstar, and Northwoods are all groomed. Be sure to make a few laps on those and you’ll be smiling until the snow falls.


A dusting of snow blows over the Gore Range.

January 28th, 2014. Sunshine in the skies today, with big storm potential later this week.

The temperatures have decreased as the storm potential increases over the next few days. The sun is high today with few clouds in sight, a high of around 18 degrees today. Slight wind gusts of 20 mph, which you may notice at the top of the mountain.


Weekday turns on Lodgepole among the quiet of the wilderness.

Today is ideal to get those legs loosened up and enjoy your fill of sunshine, as the weather is forecasted to drastically change tomorrow. It’s time to do your snow dance, the powder potential is high.


Storm moving in above Game Creek Bowl  

January 27th, 2014. Clouds have covered the Vail Valley and snow seems imminent. Up to 3 inches are expected today through the day and more snow is on the way!

Today should be windy with snow precipitation starting in the morning and intensifying in the afternoon. More snow is expected overnight, with a major storm expected to arrive and drop “over a foot of snow” by Wednesday/Thursday!  (National Weather Service’s Special Weather Statement here)


Poppy Fields East this morning

January 26th, 2014. After a couple of weeks of sunny skies, the following days should see the weather return to winter conditions. A chance of snow is expected every day this next week!

Today should be partially sunny with winds starting to pick during the morning and gusts up to 30mph expected in the afternoon. Tonight the first chance of snow arrives, and with some luck the end of January–just like the beginning–should be a snowy one.