Vail Unscripted: Teva Mountain Games (VIDEO)

Aug. 13, 2012

In this episode, we talk with the adventure sports athletes and fans of the summer Teva Mountain Games. TMG is a celebration of outdoor sports that features whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountain, road, freeride and slopestyle biking, trail running, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, slacklining and more.

Host Robbie asks the questions that are on all of our minds, like “What’s the strategy behind the tutu?” and “You ready to go take care of business?”


“Vail Unscripted” got its start one day when we gave our part-time Production Assistant Robbie a camera and asked him to spend some time on the mountain finding and talking to people. After a day full of chairlift and gondola rides with strangers, without a script, uniform, or any sort of rewards to hand out, Robbie came back with some hilarious and sometimes enlightening conversations with people around Vail. The videos were so fun that we had to turn them into an ongoing series. Next time you’re in Vail, keep an eye out for Robbie and you may just end up on the next episode!