Weekly Outlook

Feb. 27, 2015

022515_Vail_SourdoughExpBLOG_RicMorenoControFebruary, after a slow start, is delivering snow everyday to end the month

17″ in the past 48hrs and almost 30″ in the past week! Powder day round two!

The snow report looks as good as it gets; not only has there been a new layer of snow on the mountain every morning these past few days, but  now there’s snow on the forecast for everyday next week! The back bowls are skiing again like it’s the middle of winter: soft turns underneath a light layer of crystal flakes that rise like a cloud of fireworks as you fly by. Also keep in mind that Blue Sky Basin has been getting some more snow than the rest of the mountain, so for powder day like this one, it’s worth getting in line at Sky Express (#37) before the lifts start running at 10am. The most efficient way to ski Blue Sky Basin on a powder say is to avoid being held up in line too long, so after taking Sky Express up, ride Earl’s Express (#38) for a few laps before the crowds arrive, when the maze is half full, drop to the other end of Blue Sky to ride Pete’s Express (#39) until the same thing happens. Just remember that to leave Blue Sky Basin it’s better to use Teacup Express (#36) than Orient Express (#21), as Orient can be a bottle neck at rush hours. The only reason worth getting in line in Orient Express is if you wish to ride Siberia Bowl, which on powder days, it definitely is worth it. To avoid crowds and burn whatever strength is left on your legs at the end of your day, lap Highline (#10) for the best powder stashes and shortest lines.

Next week, besides new snow everyday, Vail will also have the best snowboarders in the planet competing in the Burton US Open . Starting on the 2nd, the US Open will run through the week, with finals taking place on Friday. Also, as usual Vail is delivering a full round of concerts each day, to celebrate snowboarding’s premier competition. Great week all around! And keep thinking snow; it’s working!