Weekly Outlook

Mar. 13, 2015

031115_Vail_Ouzo_BLOG_RicMorenoControOuzo, in Game Creek Bowl, is one Vail’s many black diamond runs which are groomed regularly 

The past days in Vail have been distinctively set to spring weather, this trend should continue into the weekend and next week, until mid-week when we see our first chances of spring snow. 

In spring, the slopes freeze overnight after having thawed during the day, which makes for icy skiing if you’re up early in the morning. Yet once the spring sun is out the mountain becomes soft as a 4th of July  ice cream cone. Spring makes it easy to decide where to ski in the mountain, early in the day it’s best to stick to groomed runs, particularly those black diamonds that were groomed over night. Fridays Riva–the longest run on the mountain–gets groomed top to bottom, so if you haven’t ridden this particular run under a white crisp carpet then you must do it today and find out why instructors choose it as their only run to ski before classes start. Once temperatures rise, moguls and the terrain park are ideal places to hang out, as they soften up under a nice sheet of spring mashed potatoes.

031015_Vail_GoldenPk7_BLOG_RicMorenoControNeed a new challenge? Try riding the terrain park in spring when conditions are soft, and so are landings

Spring in Vail is also ideal to visit one of its many decks. Nothing like a day with friends, followed by a late lunch in a sunny deck, Vail has a deck that will please everyone in your group.

030715_Vail_HenrysHutBLOG_RicMorenoControVail has grills open to the public in several decks 

030915_Vail_BornFree2BLOG_RicMorenoControSpring light looks great on photos

Time seems to run slower in spring, days are longer, and the frenzy of powder days is replaced by a tropical laid-back attitude. Perfect time to bring out your camera and work on your photography skills.